Getting Your Dad Jokes Ready

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If you have received news that you are about to be a father, then you are probably feeling many emotions right now. Fatherhood can be a huge blessing, and you want to make sure that you are equipped in every manner possible once the baby does arrive. This includes making sure you have the finances, a nursery, baby clothes, and so on. There are hundreds and thousands of articles and books that will help you prepare for all of the serious and main aspects of fatherhood, which is why we will instead talk about light-hearted things like getting you ready for dad jokes and humor instead.

We have all heard different dad jokes throughout our lives, with the most common one being “Hi hungry, I’m dad” as a response to “I’m hungry.” That is the ultimate beauty of dad jokes, they are lame and obvious and at the same time, the exact sort of thing we expect from our fathers. Yes, you have to think about a lot of things like your kid’s future, college, getting them ready for the outside world, and all of that. Yes, these are all very important, but if you want to make more lasting memories, then just being able to make your kid laugh, especially when they least expect it is important as well. We do not realize it, but it is these small moments of laughter and shared connection that they carry on with them later as they go through life. So yes, be sure to prepare for all of the important and serious stuff, but at the same time, make sure to be physically and emotionally present when your kid is around because they will remember and need that the most as they are navigating through life and the world.