How to Clean Artificial Grass?

how to clean artificial grass

There are some really important reasons why people are preferring artificial grass over natural grass to decorate their gardens and if you are someone who is struggling with the maintenance part of the garden then you would surely shift sides and become in favor of artificial grass instead of natural grass, natural grass requires a lot of maintenance, you need to Invest time and energy in order to keep it in top shape and on top of that it requires a lot of cleaning as well, so if your routine does not allow you time to clean the garden but you still want a garden that looks shining then artificial grass is the perfect option for you, now the misconception that is faced by many is that artificial grass does not need any sort of cleaning,  artificial turf or kunstgras as it is known in many places in Europe is something that requires a certain level of effort when trying to maintain and clean but that is nothing when compared to amount of effort that goes in maintaining a huge garden with natural grass.

The process of cleaning artificial grass is similar but not identical to cleaning a carpet, the steps are pretty similar and the equipment that is used is common as well but one cannot use similar cleaning methods on both the things, you have to use a delicate hand when cleaning artificial grass, the first step is to remove dirt and dust with a stiff bristle or a broom, then apply simple green solution which is perfect for turf cleaning then you should give it a good rinse and let it dry properly, if the weather conditions are not favorable then you should air dry it to avoid any odor that is generated from the moistness.