What Soap to Use When Pressure Washing a Car

pressure washing

Many of us are skeptical about the use of pressure washers on our car as it can damage the paint and interior as well but if we know what we are doing and know what impact these minor details would have on the end result then it is absolutely safe to use pressure washing machines to wash a car, selection of the right type of pressure washer is absolutely key, people who use pressure washers buy a number of machines because every different surface requires a different pressure and GPM level, and if you are investing in a quality machine then it would have flexible options, a good quality electric pressure washer with adjustable pressure and GPM is exactly what you need for pressure washing your car.

Apart from the pressure washer it is important to select the right type of washing fluid because this would be vital, you cannot use just any soap or detergent for your car because it might not only damage the paint by leaving marks and scratches but it might require a lot of water to get washed out from the interior of the car, sometimes it is best to buy washing fluids which are specifically made for dashboards, seats and car floor, these can be washed easily and have pleasant, subtle scent as well.

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